Privacy Policy

Pictures Unfold thrives on ensuring that your privacy is safeguarded by every member of our team. We make sure that our clients get the most out of their experience without worrying about matters pertaining to infringement of privacy. Our company prides itself on being able to guarantee repeat performances, and this has highly led to customer referrals which are integral in the makeup of any business today. Our privacy policy is optimised to educate our clients on the relevance of every kind of information that is provided to our system. It is important to be transparent with this information so that our clients have confidence in the services that are offered by Pictures Unfold. Our terms of services are founded on the values and principles of integrity and utmost respect for confidentiality. Obtaining services from us means that your information will not be sold to third-party sources. Once you have enlisted our services, you are essentially sanctioning us full access to your personal information in line with our privacy policy. This is also with the inclusion of future updates of changes. Kindly note that our services are susceptible to changes. To this effect, additional privacy rules will be established for any future additions. If there are any uncertainties in regards to our terms of engagement or our privacy policy, our customer service agents are available to provide insight on everything in question. You can contact us through our telephone number +91-77603-63300 or send us an email at [email protected] and your concerns will be addressed comprehensively.

What Kind Of Information Do we Collect?

You are able to access our website without the need of divulging any personal information with the exception of some cases. In this context, personal information refers to any data that is useful for the identification of a person. This data includes an individual’s official names, email address, and any kind of address that has been provided. The data collected is not limited to these and may extend to a person’s contact information, interests, purchases, shipping and billing address, occupation, gender, credit card data and marital status. We receive and are likely to store personal information provided via mail, phone conversations or through our website.

How Do We use Your Personal Information?

Once we have collected your information, we are likely to use it in the following ways; To aid your purchases and link you to services you require Once you make a purchase, we use your information to track your order
  • To adequately answer all your questions and concerns
  • To ensure that the personal information provided is accurate in all sections
  • To protect you from any fraudulent activities
  • To link you to your preferred kind of services and products by understanding our consumer behaviours and patterns
  • To tailor-make our services and ensure that your customer experience warrants a repeat performance
  • To contact you through various mediums for the purpose of providing valuable information about or products and services.
Several exceptions require us to share your information with our partners that we have vetted and determined their authenticity. These include;

Service providers

Pictures Unfold uses third-party service providers who we have entrusted with the provision of various services. These include; storing and management of data, shipping services, web analytics, marketing, payment processing, emailing, mailing services and much more. The service providers are only guaranteed access to your information when it is necessary to execute a task. They are restricted to utilise your information for any other purpose than that which is intended by Pictures Unfold.

Protection from Fraudulent activities and Compliance with lawful authorities

A situation that requires compliance with relevant authorities may require us to use your personal information to;
  • Provide information for investigative purposes in the case of any fraudulent or suspicious activities that may infringe on the safety of any individual as stated by the governing law.
  • For mandatory compliance with lawful regulations, government requirements and any legal processes
  • For the enforcement of mutual agreements with Pictures Unfold
  • In the case of reducing risks and protection from credit fraud by other enterprises

Transfer Of Business

In the event of an acquisition, a merger or the sale of company properties, your personal information will be included in the transferable business assets of your company. This includes nonperformance, receivership, and bankruptcy as well. Anonymous Information We can set up undisclosed records with your personal data. We do this by excluding information that may directly link the data to your identity. This is only done to ensure that we provide the best services to our customers. Note that we retain the right to use and divulge this information in any case we deem necessary.

Information From you

The feedback, comments, and testimonials from our clients are valued as they give us insight into the public’s opinions on our services. Every submission is recorded, and the rights are transferable to us according to the guidelines stipulated in the ‘Submissions’ category of our company’s Terms of Service website page. Other ways in which we use your Information include;

1.IP Address

We may collect your IP address to detect any problems with our servers and also to help us gather information that will assist us to serve you better. We also use your IP address together with your personal information to eliminate the possibility of fraudulent activities and ultimately give you a personalised customer experience.

2.Web Monitoring technologies

Our website collects cookies and other relevant monitoring platforms which provide information on your web activities. This is also done to gain insight on how our customers make use of our website and determine the usability of our site. We also use this information to track the visits from our partners, increase performance levels, and maintain the relevance of our site as well. Some of the information we collect using these monitoring technologies include; pages viewed, distinct visitors to the page, average time spent by each visitor on the website and the number of visitors among much more. Third parties may be authorised to use these monitoring technologies, web beacons, and cookies to gather data about how the website is used. Please note that our company has not limitations or access to these cookies. The information stored in cookies or collected by these monitoring technologies is not linked to any personal information that has been submitted to the site. Also be aware of the fact that you can turn off these cookies depending on the browser that you use. However, this limits the extent to which you can access some features of the site and enhance your browsing experience. Our site uses session ID cookies which expire once the browser is closed and Persistent cookies that stay on your computer’s hard drive for a period of time.

3.Third Party Personal information

Pictures Unfold has a referral service whereby you are able to inform the people around you about the services that we offer. When you choose to use this service, it is mandatory that you provide us with the friend’s email address. Once this is submitted, your friend will receive an invitation email to visit our website. We only store this information for the delivery of this one-time invitation and monitoring the relevance of our referral services. There is also a facility that allows you to share items listed on your wish list with your friends. Once shared, we also require you to provide the email address of the particular friend which we use only to send a one-time email as well. In case you buy an electronic gift, we will require you to provide the recipient’s email so that we can send them the electronic gift card. The email address is stored only for tracking purposes and the delivery of the email. When you provide any person’s shipping information for the purpose of gift delivery, we store the information to track the whole shipping process. Note that you can modify and remove this information by going to the saved addresses page that is located in your account. In case your friend needs this information to be omitted from our database, kindly advise them to contact us on [email protected]

4.Customer opinions and stories

Our website contains customer stories and opinions that are likely to contain information that can be linked to an individual’s identity. Before posting the story and the client’s name, we ensure that the person has permitted us to do so through an email. If you need this information including the customer story omitted, reach out for assistance through [email protected]

5.Community blogs and forums

Any information that is posted on our public community blogs and public forums is accessible by anyone who has access to that site. Before posting, please note that a situation -which is usually explained- may cause us not to be able to remove the post. Regardless, you can reach out to [email protected] when you need your personal information omitted from our community forums.

Other Links

Third party links that may have been provided by our website are not controlled from our end. This means that these links are excluded from this privacy policy. Ensure that you go through the privacy policy of the third-party links to gain more information on them.


Our absolute duty is to ensure that our client’s personal data is protected. Our physical security measures work in tandem with innovative electronic technologies to ensure that your privacy is not violated in any way. We only use secure platforms to transfer your information over the various website on the internet with heavy reliance on your consent. However, please note that as much as we are committed to protecting your personal information adequately, transmission of data is not 100% guarded. With this in mind, Pictures Unfold does not guarantee that any information transmitted to us is secure.

Accessing and Modifying Your Information

We give you access to alter, amend or delete any personal information that we have gathered from you. This is applicable to the extent that is allowed by law. To request access to this, please forward an email to [email protected]. You can also do this by contacting one of our consultants through +91-77603-63300. If you are a registered account user, just log in to your account and locate the account management page to make changes to your personal information or delete this information as well. Your personal data is stored on our website for the period in which your account remains active. The information shall also be used when accessing our services and to the extent of our legal liabilities, dispute resolution and execution of our agreements.

Unsubscribing from our contact list

Pictures Unfold respects your wishes and only communicates if you require us to. If you want to be excluded from our promotional email contact list; • Unsubscribe from any email that we have sent or reach out to our Customer Service at +91-77603-63300. For exclusion from telephone promotions, ensure to inform us whenever we call you. Note that requesting for communication exclusion will not impact on any communication in regards to the orders made with us. This exclusion does not also extend to how we use your personal information that cannot be linked to you. You will only receive service based emails when they are applicable. This includes information on maintenance and much more. You cannot request for exclusion from this kind of communication. The only way to opt out of this type of communication is to deactivate your account.