film production services



Everything begins with your specific brief. However, we do not stop there. We do our own fact finding to strengthen our product knowledge and consumer insight. We go above and beyond to capture the consumer psyche, buying behaviour and key motivators, so that we can create films that connect instantly.


Concept development

We begin with a ‘think big’ session to pour in all ideas and ensure that no angle is left out. We follow it up with a ‘think tight’ discussion, screen the ideas through the ‘objective’ filter and choose a winning concept. We flesh out the key concept to ensure there is flow and it culminates into a strong call-to-action.



The concept is further refined and developed into a story. We help the client easily visualise the film with a strong narration. We believe making films is a 2-way process and we welcome client feedback to fine tune the story and incorporate important consumer insights even at this stage.


Location Scouting

Location of the shoot can change the way a film looks. However, we understand that the best location may not always fit the budget. So, we have our own list of hidden gems that look great and do not cost as much. Of course, we also take care of the permissions, accessibility and other practical considerations.



We take this exercise very seriously to ensure we never overshoot the indicated budget. We drill it down to the smallest detail and ensure we cover every possible expense, including contingencies. We always present the client with options as the choice of artists, music, editing studios, location etc can change the way the spreadsheet looks and even the ultimate film.



What you see is what you get. Storyboard is the actual film, without the shoot. The strong visuals and the frame by frame narration tells you what the film will look like. We encourage clients to ask plenty of questions and get things right in terms of product placements, product usage etc. Any mistake at this stage can cost dearly so we devote plentiful time detailing the shots.


Line production

The nuances of the script need to be brought to life and we have a team who can string everything together beautifully. Everything from scouting and researching to putting the technology in place, our team can handle it with ease. Our line producers are armed with trained crews and best equipment to ensure smooth operation.



The characters of the film can make or break the film. We conduct auditions or select from established artists, depending on the film’s requirement. Our clients are given a glimpse of audition tapes to feel confident about our selection. We ensure we narrow down on a cast that is available, flexible and a perfect fit for the script.


Shooting Sheduling

Films are large projects involving a lot of people whose schedules need to be planned well-in-advance. All of it needs to come together for a seamless experience on the limited shoot days, booked at the location. We ensure there is a project plan with contingencies built into it.


Equipment hire

The script may demand special equipment and we’ve got the right sources for every need. Our operations team ensures we tick on every requirement and we don’t have to run around on the shoot day. Everything needs to be functional, up and running without glitches. And that’s absolutely our responsibility!



The best of scripts can fall apart, if the direction is not right. The story needs to flow seamlessly through the past, present and future shots, with absolutely no disconnect. We even ensure that no shot is dragged beyond the allocated frames. After all, every second on screen can cost and we have your best interest in mind.



Our camera crew bring out the essence of the film perfectly through for a stunning motion picture photography. They make the right artistic and technology decisions on the shoot days so that there is minimal post production work required. They ensure that the output as rich and as real as it can get.


Location Sound

If you watch a film with the sound mute, you will understand the criticality of this important facet. After all, picture can only convey information; it is the sound that brings out emotions. Everything from the microphone and the cables to the mixing device need to be of the highest quality as the output will be as good as the weakest link in the chain.


Sound design

Our sound designers can bring the film to life through the right elements, recorded or live, acquired or manipulated. If the sound designer goes wrong, the film can be unusually loud and annoying. The fine art of maintaining a balance that does justice to the shots is what we take pride in.



We never skip this important facet of film making. Everything from crumpling of papers to squeaking doors is brought to life using real physical props. Our foley artists are extremely talented and can work on the most complex everyday sounds for that perfect synchronization.


Sound effects

The visuals do not mean anything without the right sound effects. We believe in not over-doing sounds and working in a way that the viewers don’t see them as forced additions. Everything blends in and is in right proportions. Ofcourse, we ensure we have the rights and permissions for every track.



While shooting we may do a number of variations to have plentiful choice at the editing table. Our director takes the editor through the sequence he visualises, so that there is no disconnect at any stage. From storyboarding to storytelling, there needs to be minimal deviations and we diligently work towards it.


Music recording

If there is an original track or jingle being considered for the film, it is recorded using the best of artists. We understand the music of the film lives much longer than film itself. Therefore, we bring on board experienced artists who can do justice to the track.


Color correction

The actual shoot can bring in colours, different from what is desired. Depending on the light angle and other aspects, we work towards adding the right brightness, contrast, visibility, gradients to different colours on screen. We have the expertise to give that cinematic look to every video.


Final film mastering

Everything is now put together. It is the big finish stage. Our world-class equipment, trained ears and full blown listening room, puts that final gleam on the videos. The master is made ready for use across the intended screens in all agreed versions.