Subbaiah K G

Subbaiah K G – Director

Subbaiah K G is an Indian film director who offers an unparalleled view into exciting new worlds. Through his creative lens, stories are brought to life.

Being inspired by the classics to become a creative in the film field may be something most directors boast of, but Subbaiah Kadyamada Ganapathi unabashedly admits his calling to films came after having watched Karan Johar’s Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Here is a director who candidly professes his love for mainstream cinema, but also takes inspiration from directors of note like Richard Linklater.

Bringing two worlds together in this manner is certainly not new for Subbaiah Kadyamada Ganapathi, who enjoys weaving tales together to create one satisfying watch.

Having completed his post graduate degree in film direction from the LV Prasad Film & TV Academy in 2012, Subbaiah Kadyamada Ganapathi went on to fulfill his passion by working as both associate director on several film projects. His firm commitment to trying out new avenues in film, and thinking out of the box has made him a film director of choice for several Indian corporate films.

Subbaiah Kadyamada Ganapathi has worked in Mumbai and Bangalore, and is currently working on writing commercials and creating a web series. Breathing new life into concepts to create thrilling content is something that he plans to continuing doing as a writer, director and producer.

He has an interesting philosophy in life, ‘leave no stone unturned’ and that guides whatever he does. He settles for nothing less than extraordinary, giving his best at all times. Being creative is not his only skill worthy of praise. He has the knack of picking the latest technology and is best known for his management skills. He says, “I am creatively inclined and anything out of the box is my adrenaline shot. If things get too overbearing, it’s always nice to let go for a while and be amazed at how everything falls back in place organically again.”